MedImaWeb™ is a web service for displaying medical images in DICOM format and their header data.
MedImaWeb is based on PowerDicom™ technology.

You can upload a local file from your filesystem (harddisk, CD, ..) or use a remote DICOM object on the internet.
Upload Local File

Click to upload DICOM file
Use Internet Resource
Click to use remote DICOM object

The size of the DICOM objects is currently limited to about 3 MB. Uploading larger files will reset the connection.

Your files will be stored temporarily on our server. They will be deleted after processing. Please also read our privacy statement and terms of use.


  • Free of charge!
  • Easy to use!
  • Based on PowerDicom technology.PowerDicom Logo
  • Displays DICOM header data.
  • Displays most image formats and transfer syntaces.
  • Validates DICOM objects (only for PowerDicom Expert Users)
  • Processes DICOM objects from file system
  • or internet (HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP protocol, WADO syntax allowed).
  • Runs on any computer: No installation necessary.
  • Independent from operating system or internet browser.
  • No cookies, no Javascript, no Flash, no ActiveX, no Java required.

Hospitals, clinics, radiologists, universities, scientific institutes, interested groups or individuals: You can use MedImaWeb internally in your LAN or intranet. Please contact us for details.


Please send your feedback or problem reports to


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